Thomston, E^ST, Balu Brigada, Yukon Era, Inside Voices (Tim Lambourne) AND FRIENDS

and friends.jpg

Sometimes, life isn’t as fun on your own.

Drinking alone? Weather dependent.

Dancing on your own? Well, it was a hit...

But with friends; you can still dance like a dick, laugh until you pee, ‘sing’ at the top of your lungs, collapse in a shady karaoke bar… and it’s good and warm and funny, because its you… AND FRIENDS.

This is a toast:
To expression, ambition, inspiration and collaboration.

It’s artists we’re excited about. Artists excited about each other.
Artists who have some very cool new shit to showcase.
Individually and together.

It’s all of this… AND FRIENDS.

Everyone involved has been working together, in some way.
Musically - artistically – collectively. New material, new ideas.

So if you appreciate art and a drink (or few)… We’d love for you to join us.


Tuesday night?

Yes, you heard.

Tuesday 19 December

Tickets on sale at 9am Monday 27 November via Under The Radar.

Thomston - I'm high-key excited to be playing my first show in over a year, I’ve kept my head down in a studio every night and weekend for almost all of 2017 and have new energy I want everyone to feel at this show. A huge part of this process has been inviting friends and artists into the studio and making collaboration and experimentation a major theme in this new music.

E^ST - So keen to play my 1st ever show in NZ w this killer lineup. Can't wait to get lit Auckland.

Balu Brigada - With a line up like this, who needs a Wednesday morning. We're super down to be playing with some good m8z and making some new ones, Let's gettit.

Yukon Era - We barely ever play shows on Tuesdays. We’ve also never played on the same lineup as any of the other acts. But we're hella excited to mix things up.

Inside Voices (Tim Lambourne) - New set - fresh of the plane from Tokyo. Lots of house and disco. Fucking pumped.

Josie Campbell