Melodownz shares Peace $igns, Gang $igns and announces double EP Melo & Blues


Friday, 19 October 2018- MELODOWNZ is one of the most in-demand artists in New Zealand music - whether it’s lending his voice to tracks by the likes of SWIDT, JessB or LatinAotearoa, taking the stage at major festivals, or as one third of the five star project HIGH BEAMS. Now, fresh from road testing his new music on the road with SWIDT, MELODOWNZ shares ‘Peace $igns Gang $igns’, the first single from his forthcoming double EP MELO & BLUES released on 23 November by his own label Liightside and distributed by DRM.

MELODOWNZ says ‘Peace $igns Gang $igns’ is about the dualities of life, the contradictions of being human.

“It's also a song about the battles I face between my youth and my current state of being, finding truth in both of these traits. My star sign is Gemini so the song expresses the yin and the yang.

“Essentially the title of the song Peace $igns, Gang $igns’ is a metaphor for good and bad, high and low, happy and sad, being a natural hypocrite, being human.”

The single is just the first taste from MELO & BLUES, a project MELODOWNZ promises is is a big progression from his heavily conceptualised debut project Avontales.

"Melo & Blues is more experimental and showcases more layers to my musicianship and my versatility as an artist. It has a more diverse sound and it explores a mixture of genres that inspired the ideas for this project. 

"I wanted this project to have more live instrumentation and melodies on it, I attempt to sing more, and rap less. Melo & Blues is more about the feel or the vibe instead of listening heavily to just the raps, although there are still good old Melo bars in there. The MELO part of the record is more of my MELODOWNZ sound where is the BLUES side of the record gives off a more melancholy, bluesy vibe."

The double EP has a rich credit list, featuring Kiwi artists including Louis Baker, Troy Kingi and Villette and UK rapper COOPS. Production credits include Christoph El Truento and Mikos Da Gawd.

MELODOWNZ is on a roll.

'Peace $igns Gang $igns' is available now on iTunesApple Music and Spotify.


MELO & BLUES track listing
1. Get Money (intro) Feat. Louis Baker (Prod. Ed Waaka)
2. Peace $igns, Gang $igns (Prod. Don Hudson)
3. $moke Feat. Villette (Prod. Frank Keys)
4. Infinite Feat. Coops (Prod. Dusty Melody)
5. Wiiild (Prod. Haan 808, Mikos Da Gawd (US) and Baccyard)

6. Kava and Herbs feat. Israel Starr (Prod. Israel Starr)
7. Loyal (Prod. Baccyard)
8.Natural (Prod. Ivan productions)
9. Abundance Feat. Troy Kingi (Prod. MELODOWNZ, Christoph El Truento)
10. Melo and Blues (Outro) (Prod. Lapis)