patten Requiem EP Free Download of track ‘Amulet’ and brand new video

To celebrate the London  return of their live show at ICA this coming Saturday patten have delivered the 4-track mind melding EP ‘Requiem’. The post-apocalyptic electronic industrial duo are also giving away a download copy of the track Amulet.

patten on the EP:

“We always want to reach out as directly as we can.  Like with our live shows it's all about that deep connection.  Making heavy and emotional spaces for people's open minds and bodies.  2016 into 2017 has been a very weird time.  A lot has happened in our world on both a personal and wider scale.  There's been some deep loss for us.  Really deep core-shattering loss.  It's been strange looking up to see the world almost in mourning as we do the same on a micro level.  We want to use our music to help people through all this.  It's not an easy time.  We're seeing destruction all over.  It's hard to see things fall like that.  But turning away doesn't seem like an option.  It feels like we're all fighting to keep up the energy we need to face the fire and push through to a better time.  It's not easy, but it's the only option.  All we can say is we are there with you and we understand.”

The multi-format takeover of ICA is their biggest headline to date. A patten-programmed night, surrounding their live AV show will feature cutting edge films, live electronic music, DJs and art installations this will Include a screening of Turner Prize winner Mark Leckey’s ‘Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore’, a DJ set from Local Action boss Tom Lea, live sets from jungle and eski outsider Filter Dread and acid experimentalist rkss, as well as a 555-5555 collective pop-up store.  

Josie Campbell