Te Vaka Beats: a new percussion album from Moana maestros Te Vaka

Wednesday, 31 May 2017 - Te Vaka, the band behind the music of the Oscar nominated Disney musical, animated, feature film Moana has a new CD. Te Vaka Beats is out in music stores this Friday.
Te Vaka Beats is a 10 track album of new percussion tracks written by Te Vaka's master percussionist - Matatia Foai and produced by Opetaia FoaiTe Vaka Beats is for dancers, choreographers and anyone who loves log drums, skin drums and adventurous percussions. Mastered at The Bakery in LA by Grammy award winning mastering engineer, Eric Boulanger you have not heard log drums like this before.

Listen to Te Vaka Beats

Te Vaka Beats track listing

1. Tapena
2. Lukitau
3. Lugahiva
4. Tuku
5. Maua Taki
6. Tulimanu
7. Maua Tokelau
8. Mataloa
9. Mana
10. Uma