Neil & Liam Finn present 'Where's My Room' video

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Fresh off the back of a sold-out European tour as a nuclear family, Neil & Liam Finn present their new music video for 'Where’s My Room', the 7 minute opus from their album Lightsleeper. The video, directed by Sam Kristofski, is a collaboration between the Finns and FAFSWAG, an LGBTQI+ Pacific Arts Collective based out of South Auckland, New Zealand, and is a surrealist lateral take on the song’s title. 

"I’m been lost a few times in hotel corridors forgetting what room I’m in or even what floor I’m on, What began as a simple account of this feeling became a lyrical rumination on how unique and mysterious we all are and how everyone is just trying to figure ou t where they belong. Our family are so delighted to have the generous support of such a creative Collective of performers FAFSWAG to show us new ways to inhabit space, to inspire and lead us forward to our own self-discovery" - Neil Finn

"As a collective of social and cultural misfits, Where's My Room really speaks to a sense of belonging and the precarious nature of home and place. The search to belong is something we feel every generation of Indigenous people are constantly trying to mitigate with Aotearoa's colonial past. The opportunity to work with an iconic family of artists embedded in the fabric of New Zealand's popular culture, helped to orientate the work of our collective and helped to bring us closer to a broader understanding of history, connection and belonging. For us this work saw two families coming together to tell a story about home. We're all so honoured by the collaborative trust and hope everyone enjoys it." -  FAFSWAG  

"Where’s My Room feels like the center - piece of our album. It’s polarizing, cinematic… it’s an odyssey. Like the video the song started from a simple idea and evolved into this behemoth journey, taking on new depths and excitement with each artist’s contribution."  - Liam Finn
The song itself features a unique cast of characters. As on a good chunk of Lightsleeper, Connan Mockasin lends his incomparable fingerings of woozy guitar, Kody Nielson (SiliconThe Mint ChicksUMO) plays drums in the middle movement, composer Victoria Kelly leads members of the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra through the songs crescendo and Neil’s niece/Liam’s cousin Elliot Finn adds her vocals making up the blend of the lead.  


"The kind of hooks the Crowded House leader seemingly can’t turn off are paired with his son’s more lo-fi approach” - Q ****

“a meandering masterpiece” - 

“Fans of Neil Finn’s Crowded House days will recognize the beautiful melodies, while Liam Finn fans will appreciate his more experimental approach.” - 

“An outing that skillfully marries Neil’s insinuatingly catchy and melodic pop-rock with the more expansive and experimental jam-rooted music Liam has specialized in on several solo albums he’s released over the last decade.” – 
LA Times

“There have been a few father-son dynasties of note in rock, but not many who’ve actually made an album together as equals. A new entry into those rare annals is arriving in the form of Neil and Liam Finn’s debut as a duo.” - 

"Neil and Liam Finn combine their pop and avant-garde sensibilities in a work of genius." - 
The Listener

Uncut ****